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LWBs seeking feedback on ice bridge water use interpretation

The Land and Water Boards of the Mackenzie Valley (LWBs) are inviting comments and recommendations in response to specific questions on the interpretation and application of the legislation and the LWB Reference Bulletin: Water Use with respect to water use for ice bridges.

Several parties have raised questions about the LWBs’ current interpretation of the legislation and the Bulletin for ice-bridge water use (i.e., water used to thicken the portions of winter roads that cross watercourses), particularly in relation to mineral exploration projects and abandoned mine remediation projects, which often include the construction of winter access roads.

In the interest of addressing this matter openly and fairly, the LWBs are inviting all parties to review the Bulletin and the additional information provided in the Item for Review, and submit responses to the questions listed therein by September 28, 2023.