WATCH IT LIVE – Diavik Public Hearing

On December 16, 17, and 18, 2020, the Wek'èezhìı Land and Water Board will be holding a public hearing for Diavik Diamond Mines (2012) Inc.’s Type A Water Licence Amendment Application to deposit Processed Kimberlite to Mine Workings. Members of the Public can participate in the hearing by:

  • watching the livestream on the WLWB’s website;
  • watching the live stream on Cabin Radio’s Facebook page; or
  • contacting the WLWB and requesting to join the Zoom meeting.

There will be several opportunities to ask questions throughout the hearing identified on the agenda.

This hearing will be held virtually due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. The venue has a limit of 25 people, so only those Parties that have been invited are allowed to attend in person at the Explorer Hotel. All in-person participants will undergo the WLWB’s COVID Screening Protocols upon arrival.

If you do not have Facebook or you would prefer to not post your questions directly to Cabin Radio’s livestream, you can send an email to Jessica Pacunayen who will either respond to your question or place your question in the queue to be read into the record at the appropriate time.

Additional details on the Water Licence Amendment Proceeding can be found here.