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Resource Co-Management Workshop: Norman Wells

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Updated: 05/05/2017


The Land and Water Boards of the Mackenzie Valley are responsible for issuing water licences to community governments as required by the Waters Act. However, the responsibility of ensuring and monitoring compliance is shared with the various departments of the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT).

In May 2016, the Boards requested collaboration with the GNWT to improve water licence (WL) compliancy and the effectiveness of the current licencing process.

At the request of the Gwich’in Renewable Resources Board, the Gwich’in Land and Water Board will be facilitating a Technical Session to address concerns brought forward during the review of the Town of Inuvik’s Municipal Water Licence renewal application (G17L3-001). The meeting will be held on April 27th 2017, beginning at 9:30 am. The four topics identified for follow up include:

  1. SNP Monitoring: Station Locations and Parameter Selection
  2. O/M Manual Updates and Hazardous Waste Management
  3. Bears: Landfill Deterrents
  4. Climate Change and Permafrost Mitigation

Please join us for all or part of this conversation – either by teleconference or in person at the Alex Moses Greenland Building in Inuvik. The GLWB appreciates your contribution to this meeting. The comments and recommendations received during this session will be used to finalize a draft Water Licence, which will be circulated for public review prior to Board and Ministerial Decisions. 

draft agenda is available and additional materials to guide the discussion will be circulated prior to the meeting. Please feel free to share with anyone within your organization who would like to participate, and please contact AlecSandra Macdonald, Regulatory Specialist, if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions pertaining to the session. 



Pursuant to subsection 43(2) of the Waters Act, the Gwich’in Land and Water Board wishes to give notice of the following Public Hearing:

 Licence Number: G17L3-001 (Former G06L3-001)

Type:  “A” Water Licence (Renewal)

Applicant:  The Town of Inuvik 

The Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board (MVLWB), Sahtu Land and Water Board (SLWB), Gwich’in Land and Water Board (GLWB), and Wek’eezhii Land and Water Board (WLWB) are requesting a statement of qualifications from contractors to supply engineering and scientific support services on an as-and-when needed basis.

Please note the following responses to inquiries:

Q: Is the 20-page limit inclusive of proposed team member resumes and company rep projects, or can these be included in an Appendix?

A: The main body of the Statement of Qualifications is not to exceed 20 pages and the entire submission, including appendices, is not to exceed 90 pages. CVs of each proposed resource will not exceed 2 pages. Responses should include the following:

  • A company profile, including a summary of technical services that your organization specializes in and a description of experience relating to northern development, projects, and issues;
  • A list of all northern projects the company has worked on in an effort to identify possible conflicts of interest;
  • Qualifications and experience of individuals who will be providing specialized engineering and scientific support services;
  • Hourly and daily rates for each individual; and
  • Each proposal must identify a point of contact.

Q: For the list of all northern projects that the company has worked on to identify possible conflict of interest;

a) How far back do you require us to list projects for? 
b) Do you require the list to include projects from all three Territories, or are you looking for projects completed within the Northwest Territories?

A: Please include any major projects in the Northwest Territories over the last 10 years.

Q: Do you expect to see a CV for each person (at all levels – Senior, Intermediate, Junior), or CVs for key staff and a summary table with all potential staff outlining qualifications?

A: Please only include resumes for key staff. A summary table for other staff is sufficient.

See the Official Request for Proposals for details.  

 Updated: 28/02/2017


The Land and Water Boards have launched our updated Online Registry. We are making every effort to avoid interruption in our service, and do recognize there are issues to address. Please send any feedback to Ryan Fequet. We appreciate your patience during the transition.

Issued: 30/01/2017


Registration for the Norman Wells Resource Co-Management Workshop (February 7-8, 2017) is now open!

WHEN: Tuesday, February 7th – Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 (8am – 4:30)

WHERE: Norman Wells